HotTube 3.0

A movie ripper and player which incorporates capture program and video sampler
3.0 (See all)

HotTube allows you to see the full functionality of the software and to play and save the captured Videos on your computer after they complete capture by the Capture Program.
The Capture Program is designed to capture all Videos WHILE they are being cached (by streaming the first time) to your computer from the targeted website using Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater. Firefox or other browsers will not work with this software.

You will be able to Rip (Save) the Captured Videos to your computer for playback using the built-in HotTube Video Player or any other player that supports the HotTube Video Player File Formats.

The player will play the following formats:
- Adobe Flash FLV, MP4 and SWF
- JPG,GIF and PNG picture formats
- MP3 Music File formats

To play a MP4 File with the HotTube Video Player the file must first be saved with a .FLV file extension.

The small Video Sampler menu item is used to keep you in touch with the Videos that are streamed from the website pages and each video is directly associated with the captured video items in the list. It is to be used as a visual indicator to help you with multiple captures. Also, assigning a name with the RE-NAME menu item will help with this as well. The Video displayed in the sampler is updated every 100,000 bytes for each capture independently. You can change the update cycle by selecting the Update Files every 100K, 250K, 500K or 1 MB option button. If you wish to refresh the sample before the sample is updated by the Capture Program click the Play in Sampler menu option. If the Sampler annoys you click the Stop Sampler button.

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